Using the Reviewer Function

This guide is for faculty/staff who hold “Reviewer” responsibilities for a specific program(s) in GW Passport.

  1. Login to GW Passport and navigate to the “Reviewer” home page.
    Note: if your only role in this system is Reviewer, you will automatically be taken to the Reviewer home page upon logging in.


  2. If you see any programs on your “My reviews” list that you are not expected to review, use the dropdown menu to filter the correct program.


  3. To open an application to review, click the student’s name.


  4. Review the student’s application. Once you scroll to the bottom of the page, type any comments you have along with your recommendation. Then click Submit.
    Note: Your recommendation will not be complete unless you check the box next to “Mark as completed”



  5. Once the review is complete, the application will disappear from your Pending reviews and populate in the Review submitted section.